Niftys Tattoo Studio

artists at the studio


I have always had an interest in drawing and even more so in painting. I started my working career in Print and Graphic Design and in my early twenties I started Nifty Creative. As the company grew I branched into photography too. I had a nice little design and photography studio running in Bracknell. On a quiet day you would always find me at what was then Derma Funk tattoo studio in Bracknell helping out with allsorts.

Unfortunately during the recession and I had to close. So, naturally I started spending more time at Derma Funk. Think you can guess what happened next, ever since the first time I was shown how to tattoo I have loved it.

So I guess I started tattooing around 2008, at Derma Funk in Bracknell. The first two years of being a tattooist were great fun but then life made a big left turn and I moved to Dunstable where you will now find me here at Niftys. Bio-Mech, Organica, Illustrative Characters and film/movie stuff are what I love doing.


Having decided I wanted to be a tattooist at the age of 11 I was determind to fulfill my ambition. I have always loved art and portraying this on skin is my idea of a dream job. I have recently finished a three year course studying fine art.

I started working with Paul at Nifty's Tattoo Studio in Dunstable in Summer 2013 and have loved every minute of it, I absolutley love my job and cannot wait to see where it takes me.

I am available for walk-ins and bookings.