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Had an interest in drawing and Painting since I was really young. I started work in Print and Graphic Design then in my early 20's I started Nifty Creative doing exactly that. A few years in and I started Photography aswell.

Unfortunately in 2008 I had to close. So, already a regular face I started spending a lot more time at a friends Tattoo Studio in Braknell, what was then Derma Funk. Think you can guess what happened next, ever since the first time I was shown how to tattoo I have loved it.

After my first couple of years at Derma Funk life made a big left turn and I moved to Dunstable where you will now find me here at Niftys. I enjoy all styles of tattooing, mainly abstract bio mech, film/movie work, black and grey work.

Appointments Tuesday - Saturday


I decided I wanted to be a tattooist at the age of about 11. Simply, this is what I wanted to do! From here I pretty much put all my school concentration into my art lessons. Then I went on to finish a three year course studying fine art at Colledge.

I started working with Paul at Nifty's Tattoo Studio in Dunstable in 2013 and have loved every minute of it, I absolutley love my job and cannot wait to see where it takes me.

I have always loved art and putting it on someones skin for them to wear forever is a pretty sweet job to have.

Appointments Tuesday - Friday
Walk-Ins Saturdays

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